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Authors aren ;t supposed to have favorite books , but between you and me (and for goodness sake don ;t tell anyone), if I did have a favorite book , it just might be this one. If you forgot how much I LOVED that book and the Bastian Affect ------> Check here. I have learned that while reading to my boys , I need to allow . Headline will also publish the author ;s two Young Adult novels What a Boy Wants and What a Boy Needs in . I LOVED What a Boy Wants (and What a Boy Needs ) and I . What a Boy Needs (What a Boy Wants, #2) by Nyrae Dawn - Reviews. review: What a Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn | Girls in the Stacks.com What a Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn (companion to What a Boy Wants) release date: June 2012 author links: blog / twitter book links: amazon / barnes & noble / goodreads source: purchased. Later I found out one of my favorite books shares the cover for the paperback version, so I decided to change it. Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: What A Boy Needs 5 stars. Dads do this by connecting with his daughter where she ;s at, whether it ;s playing dolls, reading a book together, or going for a walk. That is followed by my review of WHAT A BOY NEEDS and a GIVEAWAY! Let ;s get started.Novel Goddess: Review: What a Boy Needs What a Boy Needs is a companion novel to What a Boy Wants published in April 2012. I want to thank . Is There Anything Else We Can Do? Our boys need our laborious, soul-emptying prayers that pour out of a heart . "Another fantastic read! Love it!" Nyrae Dawn you are one talented mama! I totally loved What a Boy Wants. Steff said: Great! I'm the first reader that added this but after I finished What a boy Wants, I c..

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